Bandit Boats

The Bandit is a true balance of durability, performance, speed and value. Ideal for those who want the best design features of the Ambush, yet want a slightly more compact and lighter boat for an even a faster and smoother ride. Get ready to venture out on the water to hunt, fish or just have some fun.

Bandit Models

The Bandit will give you the same handling and design as our famous Ambush model, with many of the same options available but with the added option of a 27″ Jet Motor Transom.

Bandit is designed to give you a smooth dry ride with the speed and maneuverability you want to navigate those bends and corners.

The Bandit features a wider square transom that is available in a low, high or jet model.

This design enables you to carry a larger load and  helps the boat get up on plane faster due to the additional 2 ft square surface area.

Comes with standard pod seating and lots of room. Choose from either a Mid or High deck with additional storage.

Our heavy duty top gunnel rail is perfect for mounting accessories and runs the length of the boat.  Also features a special groove designed for additional wiring and can be covered with rail trim.

Available in both Standard and Stealth Series model

Bandit Models

Versatile all around solid boat that’s extremely tough and it shows! Designed for hunting, fishing or a fun day on the water. Enjoy a smooth ride with exceptional handling and performance. Some features are limited on the Bandit, making this a lighter all around boat that is more economical but extremely fast.

(Standard Options)
Bandit Models Size
Bandit 1548
15' L x 48" Bottom
Bandit 1552
15' L x 52" Bottom
Bandit 1556
15' L x 56" Bottom
Bandit 1652
16' L x 52" Bottom
Bandit 1656
16' L x 56" Bottom
Bandit 1752
17' L x 52" Bottom
Bandit 1756
17' L x 56" Bottom

Bandit SS Models

Bandit Stealth Series is built like our Bandit Standard but with a 5052 grade .80 aluminum hull. The Stealth series is 20% lighter than the standard with the .100 aluminum hull but gives you the same handling. The Bandit SS has an overall lighter weight which gives you more speed.

Bandit Stealth Series
(Standard Options)
Bandit SS Models Size
Bandit 1548 SS
15' L x 48" Bottom
Bandit 1552 SS
15' L x 52" Bottom
Bandit 1556 SS
15' L x 56" Bottom
Bandit 1652 SS
16' L x 52" Bottom
Bandit 1656 SS
16' L x 56" Bottom
Bandit 1752 SS
17' L x 52" Bottom
Bandit 1756 SS
17' L x 56" Bottom

Additional Beauty Shots

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Bandit Options Available

The Bandit has the following options available.


Available in Low 16”, Tall 21” or our new Jet 27″ transom.

Mid or High Deck

Choose between the Mid or High Deck

Front Storage Lid 24 x 36

Front Storage Lid

Available in 24” X  24”

Mid Deck Lid Open 24 x 36

Front Storage Lid Open (24 x 24)

Available on Mid and High Deck Boats.

Front Storage Lid Gas Assist

Helps open lid and holds it in place until closed.

Trolling Bracket

Trolling Motor Bracket and Wires

OS Handles

Removable handles available in 18 inches.

Bilge Pump

 Bilge Pump Kit

Complete Kit

Fuel Line Extended

Fuel Line Option

Run the fuel line from the front storage to the back.

Switch Panel w/ Dry Storage  & Cup Holder

Keep your valuables dry and secure.

Switch Plate w/ Cup Holder


Seat Base

Surface Mount Seat Bases

Additional PEX Pipe

In addition to the standard PVC pipe that runs factory wiring, we will run an additional 1″ PEX pipe under the floor from bilge to front storage for your wiring.

Super Liner

Non-Skid Paltech 6000 Liner

Very durable Non-Skid surface that is painted to match the boat.

Bandit Color Options

Octa Timber Camo

Timber HD Camo

NAT Gear Camo

Black Nat

NAT Black 

Two Tone


OD Green

Ambush Khaki

Ambush Khaki

Major Brown

Flat Black

Motor Camo

 Motor Camo

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