Boat Transport Services

Boat Transport

Need to have your boat shipped to your area? As a courtesy we are listing a few boat transportation companies that may be able to assist.

PLEASE NOTE: The following boat haulers are only provided as a courtesy, please see our *disclaimer below. 

Haul4Her Inc

Robert M. Grant / Hotshot Services
3171 HWY 128
Lonsdale, AR 72087

(501) 249-3091

4M Transportation

Jim Mendenhall
“You Call We Haul”

Phone: (479) 341-0310

Pin Oak Logistics LLC

16623 Cantrell Rd., Suite 1B
Littlerock, AR 72223

Phone: (501) 454-3109

*LEGENDCRAFT Boats DISCLAIMER: These haulers are independent of Legendcraft Boats LLC. Legendcraft Boats LLC is not affiliated with anyone and assumes no responsibility for any damages or disagreements between the haulers and the Dealers. Legendcraft Boats LLC is providing these contacts for your convenience. They are independent contractors and work strictly for you should you decide to use them. We do not quote any prices for their services, that is between the Dealer and the Hauler, as are any damages or claims. These haulers are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. These haulers have hauled our boats in the past.