The Company

You’ve heard the rumors of a boat so tough and rugged, yet fast and agile that …

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality is at the center of everything we do at Legendcraft.

We are proud of the fact that our customers are usually experienced boaters who know real quality when they see it. When we say we are “custom built tough”, we mean it!

The History

The man behind Legendcraft is Jimmy Johnson. He grew up hunting and fishing the lakes and timber of Central and Southern Arkansas. Jimmy met and befriended the founder of Legendcaft Boats in the early 90’s. Legendcraft was one of the more popular boat manufacturers, built in Arkansas, and sold around the country.

In Jimmy’s circle of hunting partners and friends, if you didn’t own a Legendcraft, you wanted one. In 1995 Jimmy’s dad bought a Legendcraft boat and began guiding fishing trips in the lakes of Central Arkansas. Jimmy never lost the soft spot in his heart for Legendcraft. So when the opportunity to become an owner was presented to him, he jumped on it. 

Since that time, under Jimmy’s ownership, Legendcraft has become a leader in the industry, known for speed, durability, quality, and handling. The mainstay of Legendcraft is the Ambush, and we now offer 6 other models. Thanks to Jimmy’s leadership, guidance, and commitment, Legendcraft has experienced tremendous growth.

And about that 1995 model boat his dad bought, he still guides fishing trips with that boat on Lake DeGray.

Danny Thibodeaux and Legendcraft

If you’ve been around the boating industry very long you will be familiar with Danny Thibodeaux, two time world champion boat racer. Danny still holds every world record in the  APBA Formula 50 Class.

His passion and love for the sport has only been surpassed by his knowledge of the mechanics of racing.

Many in the industry trust his expertise when it comes to when it comes to racing boats, he has definitely proved himself as an authority many times over.

Danny was approached in 2016 to help with a projected redesign of the Ambush hull to increase performance and speed. His first step was to make sure the Ambush was available in a 100 gauge hull because with the new design and speeds it could reach, it required a heavier gauge aluminum to withstand the beating it could take.

Danny now oversees every Legendcraft boat that’s designed and built and the rest as they say is history, or the story behind the legend.