Outlaw Boats

The Outlaw lives up to its name, so rugged it breaks all the rules in performance aluminum boats. The Outlaw series has been called a bulldozer for its ability to go about anywhere and take the most extreme punishment without a problem. Outlaw is perfect for those areas where the water gets shallow and the timber gets tight.   Our uniquely designed floor plan features even more storage area than our Ambush series.

Outlaw Boats

Comes standard with inset transom providing easy access in and out of the boat.

One of the greatest features is the way the motor is mounted. Set farther back, our special transom design gives you plenty of room to tilt the motor without hitting the transom. Perfect for running in shallow water without the worry of your motor kicking up and hitting the transom.

The fuel line is from the back of the boat to the front so you can store your fuel in the front storage hatch.

Built with 3″ schedule 80 aluminum pipe on the bow for maximum durability.

Our heavy duty top gunnel rail is perfect for mounting accessories and runs the length of the boat. Also features a special groove designed for additional wiring and can be covered with rail trim.

Choose between our Mud Hull and Outboard Series.

Legendcraft outlaw

Outlaw Mud Hull

Our Mud Hull will allow you to venture into areas where an outboard can’t go. The specially designed hull is smooth and will glide easily over the muck and mud. Tough enough for the best mud motor. Comes with adjustable grab bar for stability.

Outlaw Mud Models

Outlaw Mud Models Size
Outlaw Mud 1556
15' L x 56" Bottom
Outlaw Mud 1652
16' L x 52" Bottom
Outlaw Mud 1656
16' L x 56" Bottom
Outlaw Mud 1752
17' L x 52" Bottom
Outlaw Mud 1756
17' L x 56" Bottom

Outlaw Outboard

Our Outboard Series is the same overall design as the Mud Hull except the bottom is corrugated to give you more traction and better turning ability with an outboard motor. Designed for either an outboard or mud motor.

Outlaw Outboard Models

Outlaw Outboard Models Size
Outlaw Outboard 1556
15' L x 56" Bottom
Outlaw Outboard 1652
16' L x 52" Bottom
Outlaw Outboard 1656
16' L x 56" Bottom
Outlaw Outboard 1752
17' L x 52" Bottom
Outlaw Outboard 1756
17' L x 56" Bottom

The Outlaw Series

Stand by, images being updated.

Outlaw Options Available

Trolling Bracket

Mid Deck

Storage lid 24″ x 24″


Front Storage Lid 24 x 36

High Deck

Storage lid 24″ x 24″

New Front Deck Extension 

You can now extend the front deck by 12″. 

OS Handles

Removable handles available in 18 inches.

Switch Panel w /Cup Holder

Standard panel

Bow Rail

Bow Rails

Available in 2ft, 4ft, and 6ft. Perfect for tying down your gear.

Live Well

Built in Live Well w/ Aeration

Keep your fish and bait fresh.

Recessed Switch Panel

Recessed Switch Panel

Switch plate features are recessed and plug in your cell or additional lighting into the socket.

Seat Base

Seat Bases

Select up to 5 seat bases.

Rod Box

Rod Box or Gun Box

Only available on 16′ and longer boats.

Rod Boxes are available with 3 or 4 tubes. 

Gun Tray

Single or 5″ deep gun tray.

rod sleeves installed

Rod Sleeves

Installed Rod Sleeves.

Light Bar

The light bar features a 12” spot flood light on the front and a flood light on each side to easily illuminate your way.

Trolling Bracket

Troll Bracket & Wires

Trolling motor bracket with wires.


Switch Panel w/ Dry Storage  & Cup Holder

Keep your valuables dry and secure.

Wash Down System

Wash Down System

Our systems are built with a true wash down pump, powerful enough to get the job done.

Bilge Pump

Bilge Pump Kit

Complete kit stored nicely in the back.


Super Liner

Non-Skid Paltech 6000 Liner

Very durable Non-Skid surface that is painted to match the boat.

Additional PEX Pipe

In addition to the standard PVC pipe that runs factory wiring, we will run an additional 1″ PEX pipe under the floor from bilge to front storage for your wiring.

Color Options for the Outlaw

Octa Timber Camo

Timber HD Camo

NAT Gear Camo

Black Nat

NAT Black 

Two Tone


OD Green

Ambush Khaki

Ambush Khaki

Major Brown

Flat Black

Motor Camo

 Motor Camo

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