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The best boat buying experience I’ve ever had!  The crew at Legend Craft is second to none. I had the opportunity recently to spend some time at the shop with Danny and the rest of the crew to see the process and care they put in to every boat they build.

If I had any questions about quality of their boat, it was answered when I got to see with my own eyes, the time and effort that was put in to each and every boat.  Every piece was hand cut and welded to exact fit! From the bow to the transom, these boats are built to last.

I paired my 1652  Ambush with a 50hp Tohatsu 4-stroke and was amazed with the way the boat runs, handles and rides!  I was always a cookie-cutter-boat man until I bought this boat and saw the difference in quality and performance over your standard aluminum boat.  The attention to detail that goes into these boats are unbelievable! From the quality of every weld, to the paint on the finished product, these men put pride and craftsmanship in every boat they build, they are definitely a 5-Star product and operation.

Very satisfied customer

Scott Lewis

I was a big fan of traditional style aluminum boats all my life and was very skeptical about these NEW style boats. I mean an aluminum boat is an aluminum boat right? WRONG. I purchased an Ambush 1656SS with a Tohatsu 40 4 stroke with an atlas micro jacker turning a Yamaha prop. I can jack the motor all the way up and get on plane, it’s insane.

The boat drafts very shallow and at the same time is very nimble feeling, time to plane is better that anything I’ve owned in the past. Not to mention the aluminum trailer and hardware that comes with it is second to none.

Ambush did their homework on these boats as they feel race inspired but have fishing and hunting roots. I have been to the factory and met with the guys building the boats. These people love and care for what they do not just trying to turn a buck. If you are skeptical just ride before you decide.

Bryan 337-502-3346 Lake Charles La. Call me, let’s go ride.

Great boats handles like a dream a step ahead of others in the way it turns and gets up on pad quick floats extremely shallow for that shallow duck water but yet you can load it down with the family,cooler,and dogs and they haul a load extremely well as well not to mention customer service is top of the line expect the best from the best and that’s what you get with Legend Crafts Boats nothing but the best!!!

Nathaniel Harris

Ambush 1548 It turns really fast have a 25 hp Tohatsu runs 28mph can’t complain about that….

Bought a New Ambush 2 weeks ago and love it!!! Would highly recommend them to anyone!! Just wish all the merchandise wasn’t sold out on their online store!!!

Nick Beard

A+ with great customer service and a top notch Aluminum boat….

Gene Neumeier