Best Welded Jon Boats on the Market

Legendcraft is known for their legendary quality and their popularity is growing as they expand their product line.

It all started with the Ambush years ago, an all welded aluminum custom built boat that has been getting rave reviews by boat owners.They deliver the best welded jon boat that will last a lifetime.

Legendcraft pays attention to detail, each custom boat is hand welded by a master craftsman to ensure the metal is joined properly to create one fluid piece for strength and durability.


Ambush Boat Stealth Series

All Welded Jon Boats - Custom Built


The Ambush is the legendary boat that started it all. Built to exceed your expectations of a performance aluminum boat. You’ll instantly feel the smooth solid ride and quick reaction time on the water. Packed with custom features to choose from that give you room, storage and functionality for hunting, fishing or a day with the family.


The Bandit is ideal for those wanting the same handling and performance of an Ambush, but it’s more compact and less weight for an even faster ride on the water with a more affordable price tag. A great choice for your first high performance aluminum boat. Custom built with your choice of features makes this the perfect boat for anyone.

Renegade Jon Boat by Legendcraft


Introducing the Renegade, our latest addition to the Legendcraft line. The Renegade gives you one of the toughest Jon boats ever built at an extremely affordable price.  Featuring  cross rib construction that’s slightly overbuilt,  pointed front, V bottom design and a flat floor with a large selection of additional custom options available.


The Outlaw is available in two completely different models, Outlaw Mud and Outlaw Outboard. The Outlaw Mud is rugged and designed to handle the shallow areas and a mud motor. Our Outlaw Outboard has the same roomy design but features corrugated hull for more traction and maneuverability with an outboard motor.

All Aluminum Weld Jon Boats

From stem to stern, every inch of a Legendcraft is custom built tough.
Our hulls are all aluminum welded – hull seams, bulkheads, ribs, transom and gunnels are joined to create one solid unit that provides exceptional strength while providing a water tight fit that can withstand the harshest environment.
Every boat we make is constructed with five longitudinal ribs to give the boat added strength when navigating stumpy water.
We also guarantee you’ll never find wood or a rivet on a Legendcraft boat.
Ambush Boats Building

Legendary Quality

Featuring all aluminum welded hulls, for maximum durability.

We use thick high quality aluminum designed to last a lifetime.

Ambush – .100 Aluminum hull
Ambush Stealth Series – .080 Aluminum hull
Ambush Elite – .100 Aluminum hull

Outlaw Mud Hull – .100 Aluminum hull
Outlaw Outboard Series – .100 Aluminum hull

Bandit – .100 Aluminum hull
Bandit Stealth Series – .080 Aluminum hull

Renegade – .100 Aluminum hull
Renegade Stealth Series – .080 Aluminum hull

All of our aluminum hulls are constructed with the toughest  grade of aluminum on the market.

Legend Craft Hull Factory

Welded By Hand

Quality welds are extremely important in building a boat. Hand welding by a master craftsman ensures the metal is joined properly to create one fluid piece for strength and durability.

Making sure the boat is welded properly also means that it can take additional stress and torque without a problem.

Compare our welds to any other boat, and you’ll will see why Legendcraft has earned the reputation of being one of the toughest boats.

Welding Ambush Boats
Perfect Fit

True Fit and Finish

A good fit and finish means quality in the industry. Every part is hand crafted to ensure all components fit together like they were made for each other. Smooth and consistent, straight and flush, with a tight fit.

Your accessories are custom made to fit your boat.  This means items like the seats, gun boxes, rails or live wells are custom built for your specific boat.

We feel each boat we build is a work of art.



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